Step It Up Privacy Policy

Information Collected From You

The Step It Up fundraising system used by Waggoner PTO asks you to register by entering your first name, last name and email address. This information is used to create your account, so you can sign in, add your students and family and friends, and monitor your fundraising progress.  It is also used to email you notifications about pledges and payments your family and friends make. The website uses “cookies” only to maintain session state, not to track you. You may optionally upload a photo of your students to personalize the donation request and thank you letters that get sent to your family and friends.

The system also asks you to enter your student's first name, last name, Homeroom and gender. The names get used when emailing and/or texting pledge requests and thank you notes to family and friends. The information also appears on reports used by Waggoner PTO to award fundraising prizes.

The system asks you to enter the first name, last name, alias (Grandma & Grandpa, for example), email address and/or mobile phone number of your family and friends from whom you’d like to solicit donations. It uses this information to email and/or text pledge requests and thank you notes. Your family and friends’ email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers are not shared with anyone (not even Waggoner PTO). The pledge request emails and/or texts link your family and friends to your family fundraising page. It can only be seen by people you invite.

Who Has Access To This Information?

Step It Up customer service representatives and developers have access to the information you enter, as it is necessary to perform their duties. Waggoner PTO has access to the information you enter for yourself and your students, but not your family and friends. The information you enter is never shared with anyone else, except when required by law. Your family fundraising page can only be seen by people you invite.

Review, Edit or Remove Information

In most cases, you may sign in to your account and review, edit or remove information you’ve entered. In cases where the system won’t allow you to make a change, contact customer service at 1-888-598-7510 or and a customer service representative will do it for you.


Step It Up uses industry standard encryption to protect data you enter as it travels across the Internet and a firewall to protect information stored on our system from individuals with malicious intent.

Policy Duration

This policy is effective January 1st, 2021, but may be updated in the future. In the event of an update, you will be notified by email and may choose to contact us to remove your information.


For questions regarding this privacy policy, please contact Step It Up by phone at 1-888-598-7510 or by email at